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Ronee Martin is a wonderfully talented vocalist and songwriter.  She is an extraordinary talent and has been a well kept secret in the music industry.  She has been featured on Tom Scott’s “One Day/One Night” album and the project “Sensation” which is a compilation album with performances from Joe Sample, Hubert Laws, Tom Scott and others.

Martin can be found on many recordings as a backing vocalist for artists such as Wynton Marsalis, Patti Labelle, and others.  Ronee,  also is no stranger to creating music either.  “This is Love” co-written by Ronee was recorded by her childhood idol, Gladys Knight.  She has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, including Bur Bacharach, Barry Mann, and Patrick Williams, and David Foster.

The multi-talented Ronee Martin’s performances even includes voiceovers for audio books and television.  Understand this, there is no end to the creativity, inspiration and passion that Ms. Martin brings to every project she graces.

Just take notice….Ronee Martin is here to stay!

25 thoughts on “Here’s Ronee

  1. Ms. Martin:

    Tried to call you back!

    Please call me around 7pm at home 6/29/15
    Was soooooo sad to have missed YOUR call!
    Your number was disconnected!
    Girl- Leave a #

    After all these years I would assume you KNOW i’m not a stalker!

    All My LOVE


  2. Hello Ronee, as always my husband & our friends are regulars at Spaghettini Seal Beach & enjoy your extravagant singing. You leave us wanting more everytime. Hope to see you with Terry at Spaghettini soon and please keep us informed on any performances.
    Evelyn & Frank

  3. Ronnie,
    My hubby and I just loved listening to your tribute songs at the MJ Celebration in Gary IN last week! You did a magnificent job! We were especially intrigued by one of your opening songs on Thursday…. ‘Message to Michael’…. and how you changed the words:) Unfortunately, while the tune is stuck in our heads, we can’t remember your revised words! Was it taped by chance? We’d love to hear you sing it again (and again!) If it wasn’t recorded, is there any chance to get a copy of your lyrics?
    Would LOVE that!

  4. Ms. Martin – the “Angel” down here on earth among voices! Keep using the tool GOD has bestowed you with and Bless the world! Much Luv! Rene~

  5. We loved your performance with Terry Steele this evening at Spaghettini’s, your rendition of “You’re the best thing that ever happened” went straight to the heart!
    Terry wasn’t joking when he said you stole the show 🙂

    What was the title (and original artist) of the second song you did, the one that goes “neither one of us wants to be the first to say goodbye”?

    Thanks for a wonderful evening!

    Menno & Geo

  6. Outstanding performance in the backyard of your friend (YouTube video)! Can’t wait to hear more…much more! Here’s hoping we can get together in 2014. It’s been so long. Happy New Year!

    • hey kitty!!!!!!!!…….thank you!!!

      yes we’re still working on something….I will be in virginia in april but i’m still making my way to texas……you are on my radar (smile)…..xoxooxo

  7. Hi Ronee,
    Girl it has been a long time. The last time I saw Gabriella was probably about a year or two ago. I had gotten her phone number and yours and misplaced it. I’ve been listening to your songs on utube and ran across an email address for you . I didn’t get any of your cd’s when I think Bossy was selling them. lol Look how long ago that has been. But I was telling Allen about your songs I heard on utube. Keep on keeping on. Much success to you.


  8. Wow Ronald …….How are you ? It is good to know that you are still blowing the roof off, This is a little lady that had lost touch with you, but I am back.
    I hope you remember me, we use to work together, Gendel, Raskoff???

  9. Last evening Ronee was the warm up act for Terry Steele at Spaghettini an we sat in the front row with two friends. Unfortunately time only allowed her to sing three songs. She knocked the audience out and after Terry was done Ronee was in the venue and we asked her is she had any CD’s for sale, she brought them in and used my pocket knife to open the box and signed our CD’s. We had the chance to talk with her and appreciated not only the incredible talent but her as a person. We will be looking for her to perform as a head liner at Spaghettini especially after they received my calls and E-mail.

    • Hi Linda and Van……
      Wow, I’m just now reading your email…okay almost a year later!!!!….how so precious and special………Actually, I will warm up the stage for Terry again on 2/6/14….same place, same time, same channel (smile)….hope to see you there……we’ll have to work on that headliner spot!!!!….THANK YOU BOTH SO VERY MUCH……hope to see you sooner than later… wishes always, Ronee

      • oops I gave you guys the wrong date….it was 2/16!!!!….any hoots, I hope you are well and I look forward to seeing you in the near future….terry is planning lots of great things that I will be a part of….. happy date lights saving times weekend!!!! (smile)…..peace and blessings, ronee

  10. Thanks so much for the Album Ronee, I will cherish it forever. I have been playing it over and over in my car as well as at home every since I received it. Blessing to you now and in the future.

    • How are you?…..I’m soooooo glad you are enjoying the music….I will let you know when I’m performing locally and perhaps your daughter could bring you or maybe you can hang out with “our neighbor” Brenda…..Peace and blessings to you and your family….I’m just settled in now; otherwise, I would have answered much sooner…..Best, Ronee

  11. I agree with everyone above. Ronee, you are an incredible vocalist and the world needs to know! I hope to hear much more from you in the near future!

    Valerie P

  12. I think that your vocals on “New Orleans Knows” with Tom Scott is one of the prettiest voices I have ever heard, it takes me away. It is my favorite Tom Scott’s song. You are very blessed.

    • hi jackie….
      thanks so much for your very kind words….i so enjoyed working with tom scott…he’s pretty darn amazing!!!!……wishing you peace and blessings and sending lots of love to you and yours…..thanks again!!!!


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