2013 A New Year, A New Day!

Hello 2013! Hello Everybody! What an awesome time this year is going to be. There are so many things on my plate for this year. Just to fill you in, I have been collaborating on some wonderful music projects with many of my musical peers. I am truly excited to begin the year in creating something very special. There have been so many life changing occurrences in the past year for me, that I have not had the time nor the inclination to write, read or even discuss the happenings. Although I have been storing most of it in my memory banks until I could find the time to “get to them”. Well, because a new year always appears to present us with new ideas, thoughts, and shall I say, resolutions, I have chosen to begin a new musical journey and see where it takes me in 2013.

I would love it it you would come along and share this journey with me. Maybe we can inspire, share, and lift up one another in our quests.

Let’s Go!